Complete design and creation of interiors

i-Design makes your dreams a reality: from a single piece of furniture to a full interior design project.

In our workshop, every customer’s imagination has the chance to take shape and become reality. Every furnishing accessory is the result of an emotional idea which, when combined with precious materials, takes the shape of objects that effectively highlight Italian style and every customer’s personality. Every piece of furniture is unique, handcrafted, and designed to be inserted into an existing frame or one designed entirely by our designers: from the décor of the wainscoting to the lines of the wardrobes, down to the finest decorative details of your knick-knacks. Everything is designed to build a world of bespoke furniture where 100% Italian design reigns supreme.

Our services cover every step of the furnishing process: concept art and rendering of the project, bringing the furnishings to life with hand-finished details, and on-site installation of the furniture.

i-Design Group aims to deliver a turnkey project that is not only beautiful to look at, but also to “feel” and to live in, so you can revel in every shade and fragrance of the wood, marble, fabric and colour.

Design e progettazione di mobili: tavoli, sedie, specchi e composizione dell'arredamento.

Letti singoli della camera dell'albergo, facente parte del progetto completo per l'hotel.

Design Management

Its interior and exterior design and project management skills qualify i-Design Group as a quality brand and a thoroughly reliable partner. i-Design Group is capable of inventing and designing, ensuring the coordination of the work in progress, guaranteeing the excellent quality of each piece produced, and applying all best working practices.

Made in Italy Production

Each i-Design Group project is the result of passion, efficiency and technology, as well as quality that is sure to stand the test of time. Choosing i-Design Group is choosing the style and substance of an inimitable Italian production, guaranteed at every single stage.

Types of wood, steel, crystal, new composites: interior architecture, of which furniture planning and design are an integral part, demands that i-Design Group ensure the origin of all materials used, as well as perfect workmanship of each individual piece, so that you can achieve the perfect result you want for your living environment.