Terms and Privacy

Terms of use

Data security and privacy protection information.

The data controller is i-Design Group, with registered offices in Via E. Mattei 1, 24060 Entratico (BG). The site user may exercise the rights detailed in art. 7 (access, amendment, deletion, objection to handling, etc.), by directly contacting i-Design Group, a point of reference for interior design projects, contract furnishing, office furnishing, made-to-measure furnishings, home furnishings, sofa design, luxury furnishings.

Collection and use of data
The proper functioning of the website requires the collection of personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.
The information collected does not identify the user directly, but could lead to their identification through calculations and associations with data held by third parties. This category of data includes the IP addresses or domain names of computers used by the users, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server and other parameters regarding the operating system and environment of the user’s computer.
This data is protected and is used exclusively to ensure that the site is working correctly.
The data could be used to ascertain responsibility in case of a cyber attack or other type of crime against the website.

Sharing and disclosure of personal information
The data collected by the data controller may be transferred or communicated to subsidiary or associated companies for activities strictly connected and instrumental to the service, or for processing operations carried out by recipients as independent holders. Other than in these cases, the data is not disclosed or given to anyone, unless required by contract or authorised by those concerned.

Changes to privacy policies
i-Design Group regularly checks its privacy and security policies and, where appropriate, reviews them in relation to regulatory or organisational changes, or those dictated by technological advancement. In the event of a change in policy, the new version will be published on this page of the website.

Questions, complaints and suggestions
Should anyone be interested in receiving further information, contributing their own suggestions, or filing complaints or raising objections with regard to the company’s privacy policies or the manner in which i-Design Group handles personal data, they may do so by writing to the following email address: info@i-designgroup.it.